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Textbook Illustrations

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meiosis animations

from the Biology of the Goat website

Avian coccidiosis

avian coccidiosis animation

Microarray animationThe DNA Microarray process
Advances in micro-technology and robotics, computer-enhanced laser optics, and increasingly detailed knowledge of gene sequences allow the construction of a high resolution hybridization probe (the DNA microarray) for studying the differential expression of transcripts by any organism as it responds to changes in its interior and exterior environment.

Virus animationsSeries of 6 animations to accompany the textbook, Basic Virology, Second Edition. E. K. Wagner and M. J. Hewlett, Blackwell Science Publishers.
Animations cover life cycles of various families of viruses, including attachment, genome replication, encapsidation and egress.

phage animationSeries of 6 animations to accompany the textbook Fundamental Bacterial Genetics, Nancy Trun and Janine Trempy, Blackwell Science Publishers.
The animations include exploring the bacterial cell, life cycle of bacteriophage lambda, interactive DNA cloning experiment, the process of conjugation and recombination, and the attachment and insertion of DNA by Phage T4. offsite

3D Modeling

Haemonchus contortus